Have your cake and eat it!


I am busy writing a series of local guides, the first one to be published will be the wedding guide. As a former wedding and event planner, it’s a subject I know a lot about. Having organised many wedding fairs and attended more weddings than I could count I have seen all sorts of themes, ideas and plans come together for the ‘big day’.

With the Great British Bake off filling our screens on a Wednesday night and the surge of people taking about cakes, it seems only fitting that one of the first things I have been writing about is Wedding Cake. It is amazing how far they have come in their design and creativity. Many wedding cakes are stunning works of art, creating a real centre piece of the day, and of course are extremely delicious!

The wedding cake has certainly changed over the years, traditionally used as a symbol of fertility it used to be thrown at the bride, a tradition that certainly has been lost over the years! It then became a ‘stacked’ pile of all baked goods, the guests would bring cakes and breads which were stacked on a table,   the bride and grooms were expected to kiss over the pile of cakes, if the ‘pile of baked goods’ didn’t topple the happy couple would have a lifetime of prosperity.

It is believed that in the 1600s a French chef decided that this was not a ritual that should continue, and he developed the idea of stacking the cakes in the form we see them today.

Wedding cake fashions have altered over the years, and although we still see many traditional white cakes, there are more and more varied themes coming into fashion. 2016/17

2017 see metallic cakes making an appearance, moving on from the silver and gold colours any colour goes now! Incorporate your wedding theme into a metallic tone, to create a vintage look with the use of airbrushing, it doesn’t have to look over the top but simple and sophisticated.

To the other extreme, naked cakes are taking centre stage and telling their own story. These simple and beautiful cakes, are natural and simplistic. Add flowers or fruit to give it a different look.

Of course if you are not a great fan of cake, you may prefer to follow the increased popularity of the ‘cheese’ cake. Traditional cheese wheels are stacked together to create the appearance of a wedding cake, draped with fruit they really can look stunning


Whatever your taste, style or theme there are so many designs available at the moment! We look forward to writing about more trends in our wedding guide.


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