Welcome to Green Butterfly Publishing


Welcome to my new (and developing) website!

I have created Green Butterfly Publishing from a passion that has been burning slowly for many years. This venture is a culmination of many interests that I have now developed under one umbrella ‘Green Butterfly Publishing’.

The name derives from the concept of a butterfly being trapped in a jar, and finally making a flight away once that jar lid has been lifted.

I have a passion for travel, and for meeting new people. I find nothing more exhilarating than visiting a new place, or striking up a conversation with somebody I know little , or nothing about. Whilst I harbour dreams of travelling the world, I always have my heart very much connected to North Devon, and in particular Woolacombe.

This area captivates me, the scenery is stunning, changing through the seasons to give a new perspective on the same features. I simply love being there. I started the Woolacombe & Mortehoe Voice magazine a few years ago. A magazine designed for all those who love the area as much as I do, either as their home or a place they visit on holiday. The magazine was built on the idea of ‘chatting to the reader’, I want everyone who picks up a copy to feel they are part of it, that I can engage with them and that we all share a love of the same place.

Since starting the magazine, I have had the pleasure of meeting new people, chatting to people I may otherwise never have spoken to, I love that the magazine has opened these doors, and through the magazine I have found the motivation to develop ‘Green Butterfly Publishing’ from an idea I once had, into a tangible and very real project.

Green Butterfly Publishing will be an outlet for many projects I have in the pipeline, and I hope that you will  engage and be part of the process as many people have been with my initial magazine development. I always welcome feedback and love to hear from my followers, so please always get in touch.



Earth day

Butterfly Dreams




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